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Amber Flooring takes great pride in every aspect of the flooring process. We built a state-of-the-art training facility where specialized crews learn the nuance and subtleties of each service we offer. So whether you need a brand new installation or a minor repair, we guarantee an expert trained in that technique will meet and exceed your flooring needs.

New Installation

New installation is our most requested service and, after 30 years in the businesses, we’ve developed a highly skilled staff that consistently delivers exceptional workmanship. From our quick, accurate estimators to our industry leading floor installation techniques, experience the Amber Process difference.


In a day and age where old things are often discarded with little thought toward the environment, wood floors can look new for decades with just a little TLC. Using a dustless sander, our unique refinishing technique allows us to sand down your existing wood floors and prepare them for restaining and coating. And when it comes to choosing a new color, we’ve got the best color specialists in the business. Our offsite facility will be used to blend dozens of colors for your new floor until we find the perfect match. We’ll test it onsite, so you can see each option in the context of your own floors. When we’re done, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to refinish your floors in the first place.

Custom Woodwork: Floors, Walls, and Beams

Through 30 years of experience with wood flooring, our crew can create any custom woodworking project you can dream up. The only limit is your imagination. Our knowledge of how wood works, how it takes color, how to sand and refinish it, how to bend and shape it, means we’ve completed thousands of custom jobs ranging from wood feature walls to custom beams. Whatever the custom woodworking job, leverage Amber Flooring’s decades of expertise to bring your project to life.


Damaged floors can often be repaired, which is an economical and environmentally-friendly option when compared to replacement. Whether your job requires removing and weave in new flooring or sanding and refinishing portions of damaged areas, it’s critical to choose a flooring company with a long history of repair work. Can you precisely match the color of the old floors? What about the wood type, cut, and grain? Was the subfloor damaged as well? An eye for detail makes all the difference in any repair, and we’ve trained our staff to pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure our work integrates seamlessly with your existing floor.

Deep Clean

Wood floors are porous and contain individual nooks and crannies. After years of people, pets, and spills, these small crevices can fill up with a surprising amount of dirt and dust. Fortunately, Amber Flooring works in conjunction with Bona on a patented cleaning process to deep clean your floors, removing dust and allergens while simultaneously restoring the look and color of your floors. The result? Your floors will be cleaner, more vibrant, and virtually allergen free. Contact a Bona-certified Amber Flooring specialist to talk about deep cleaning your wood floors.

Experience the Amber Process

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